You can definitely “fall” for these choices.

With certain seasons come certain ways to enjoy wines. When it comes to Autumn, having the right wine can make your meal and experience even more enjoyable. Pumpkins and spices are always associated with this time of year, but you’re certainly not limited when it comes to wine selections. These choices below can please your palate any time of the year, but you should feel a greater satisfaction during these months.

Pinot Noirs

This is a favorite among many wine enthusiasts and that is even more so during Autumn. Pinot Noir is one of the 10 most planted grape varieties on the planet. This red wine is lighter than others and also has low tannins. The best of these wines have aged at least 10 years. This should be enjoyed with a bell-shaped glass. If you really like to swirl your drink around, then go with a round glass that has a stem.


A white wine that is full in taste, viognier (pronounced vee-own-yay) originated in France. It is also produced in Australia and the United States, among other countries. This wine has a scent that offers a blend of tangerine, mango, peach, and honeysuckle. If it’s oak aged, then you will also notice a taste of vanilla. This type is what makes it a great autumn choice. This wine is definitely for swirling in a stem glass.

Italian Rosé

Rosés can be produced anywhere you have access to red grapes. You might be thinking that the Italian version should be more of a summer choice. However, it’s a great way to start your fall season. Some of the more popular flavors include grilled fruit, orange zest, and tart cherry. All of these are also positively influenced by spices. This makes them more crisp and savory which should be more enjoyable during those earlier sunsets. Any stemmed glass of your choice would serve you well.


When this type comes up, the first thought that comes to mind is probably Spain for obvious reasons. The aromas that are associated with Tempranillos include cinnamon, clove and nutmeg which are both closely associated with this time of year. There are other strong aromas when it comes to autumn, but these are among the most popular. This medium to full-bodied beverage is best enjoyed in a tall stem bowled glass.


When white wine is the topic of conversation, the one that most people think of first is Chardonnay. The deeper and rich flavor of an oaky Chardonnay would go well with almost any meal or on its own. Any brand with a more golden hue will be a great choice to enjoy. To get the best flavor, use a stemmed glass with a wide bowl (a bowl that is too narrow will offer more of an oak taste).


Of course, you can enjoy any wine of your choice any time of the year, but most wine drinkers prefer certain wines to go along with certain seasons. Picking the right choice for this time of year can enhance your experience with both the wine and the season.