What you drink and how you drink it have the same importance.

If you go to a restaurant that offers wine, you may notice that some patrons are using different glasses than others. If you know someone that is very familiar with these types of drinks, you might wonder why that person is looking for a certain glass when you’re about to try whatever is being offered.

No, that person isn’t being picky about the glasses and the restaurant wasn’t short on glasses either. There are actually certain glasses that allow you to enjoy a particular wine more than others. If you don’t use the right glass, then you may notice a stronger or different flavor than what was expected, and the glass may not have a full appreciation for what the wine truly offers.

This guide should offer you a little more insight on which glasses work better with different wines. You should have a better understanding of why the glass matters and how it can enhance your wine. You may benefit more should you decide to try one on your own.

Table Wine Glass

The image that comes to mind when you think of “wine glass” is likely this one. There are several different versions, but they all have similar features. There’s a stem, a wide bowl, and a rim that is slightly narrower than the bowl itself.

The stem keeps your hand away from the bowl, which helps with the temperature of the liquid. The width of the bowl is for swirling, and the narrow rim compresses the aroma so you can completely take it in. If you have a red or white wine, this glass would be a good choice so you can swirl them and enjoy those aromas before tasting.

Champagne Glass

You’re likely already familiar with these glasses. They’re the stemmed glasses with the tall and narrow bowl that is also known as the flute. Champagne and sparkling wines don’t need to aerate. They also aren’t necessarily going to be affected by swirling since the smell of them won’t change. The key feature of these glasses are the narrow rim. This provides a lower surface area so the bubbles last longer. Aside from the previously mentioned drinks, these glasses aren’t used too often for anything else.

Stemless Glasses

These glasses have been around, but they’ve received more positive attention over the last couple of decades. They can be used for swirling or straight drinking. The wide rim allows a greater flow and stronger taste. Many people prefer them because of the ease of cleaning them. However, they’re beneficial for some red wines and sweeter wines like pink moscatos and fruit wines.


There are different versions of wine glasses out there, but these are the main categories. Hopefully now you have a better idea of which glass you should use the next time you drink wine at home. Of course, you can also come to the Wine Barn and join us, too. Go to www.thewinebarn.net for more information about how to set up an event or reser